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Here are just a few helpful tips on keeping your wood at the best possible condition before burning it.

  • Keep in a dry space.
  • It’s good to have a good circulation of air around your wood stack
  • Stack you wood on wood pallets

Have your chimney or flu cleaned at least once a year, also required for insurance purposes.

Avoid burning wet wood as this is not good for the chimney or your flu, because it builds up solid carbon deposits.

What are the differences of the types of woods?

Pine - is the cheaper wood because it burns the fastest and softer than the other woods.

Old Man Pine – is a little more expensive than pine, but is very much under rated. Old Man Pine has alot of sap which burns              fantasticly. A very hot burning wood.

Macrocarpa – is more expensive, but is a harder wood and will burn hot and longer, we recommend Macrocarpa to be burnt in a firewood box as apposed to an open fire, because it has a tendency to spit hot embers which could cause damage

Gum - is more expensive again due to that it is the hardest wood in our stock, like with Macrocarpa it will burn hotter and longer than the softer woods.

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